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Mobius Consultants

Mobius cuts through the hype and develops sensible and reasoned strategies on how businesses can benefit from new technology. We then help put this into practice. Recent work has concentrated on Internet of things, digital learning and over-the-top services.

Internet of Things and 5G

The charismatic CEO of Softbank has likened the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Cambrian explosion when thousands of new species appeared on earth. Meanwhile the telecoms world is developing the next mobile technology – 5G. We adopt a realistic and practical approach to help clients get the best from these opportunities.

Over-the-Top services

Over-the-top service providers like Facebook, Whatapp, Skype and many others have transformed the old telecommunication model. They create huge value, but do not own or pay for the networks they operate over, whether fixed or mobile. We help regulators, network operators and others adapt to and get the most from this new reality.

Digital Learning

The way we are educated needs to be re-thought for the digital age. With digital learning, the focus can be shifted from one centred around educators to a student-centred approach and to life-long learning. Mobius is at the forefront and has designed and introduced new digital learning solutions both for school age education and professional adult training.